Whether you are forming a new team as the result of a company transition, or want to enhance the performance of an existing team, we can deliver a program to accelerate team effectiveness and thereby directly impact your business results.

Assessment & Self-Evaluation
We start the team development process by gathering diagnostic information via one or more of the following:
Interviewing key team members and others in the
Observing the team in action
Utilizing the Team Effectiveness Survey assessment

Our team workshops are designed to address the specific needs identified in the assessment phase. Some typical issues addressed include:
Improving the effectiveness of team communication and
Identifying and overcoming roadblocks to optimal
Discovering and leveraging the unique strengths of each
   team member

One-on-One Consulting
To round out the program, we may also conduct one-on-one consulting sessions with individual team members.

Case Studies
Click here to read some Team Development case studies on the case studies page.

Career Transition and Job Search Outplacement  






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