The ability to communicate clearly and with confidence is critical for success in nearly every aspect of business. From the boardroom to the sales presentation to the employee one-on-one, it's essential that you communicate effectively.

We offer communication and presentation training based on your specific needs. Programs typically include:

Individual Coaching with Videotape Feedback 
One-on-one coaching using videotape feedback is the single most effective method to improve presentation skills quickly. Since developmental needs vary dramatically from person to person, individual coaching allows us to focus on the areas most critical for your improvement, thereby accelerating progress.

We may also recommend one or more of the following additional components:

Individual Communication Style Assessment
We help you discover your natural communication style, and how that style may be perceived by different audiences. You also learn how to identify the communication styles of others, and how to adjust your style accordingly.

Developing a Powerful Presentation
We introduce you to the Presentation Pyramid© methodology. This tool helps you identify the objective, core message and key points of your presentation so you can then develop appropriate content and visual aids.

Delivering Your Presentation Effectively
We help you improve your presentation delivery and persuasion skills through the effective use of language, gestures, vocal intonation and other techniques. This component also emphasizes effective use of visual aids and skillful handling of Q&A.

Mock Presentation Session with Peer Feedback and Evaluation

In this highly interactive workshop, you and other participants deliver mock presentations to your peers, who act as audience members, clients, business partners, etc., and give you detailed feedback.

The presentation and the feedback from your peers and the consultant are videotaped for you to view privately. One of the many benefits of this workshop is that participants learn how to constructively critique and support each other, thereby becoming valuable resources for each other on future projects.

Case Studies
Click here to read some communication and presentation coaching case studies on the case studies page.









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