You may find yourself at a point where your career no longer provides the challenges and satisfaction it once did. Or perhaps a recent downsizing experience has you thinking about a career change altogether.

In either case, we can customize a program to help you assess your strengths and skills; position yourself for the next growth opportunity; and implement a plan to make that opportunity a reality.

Assessment & Self-Evaluation
To begin the program, you complete a number of exercises designed to clarify:
  Long term goals
  Skills/talents you'd like to use in the next career stage

You receive an in-depth behavioral style assessment that helps you understand your behavioral style, and how that style affects the job search process and your chosen career path.

Personal Marketing Plan
Using the results of the assessment phase, we help you develop an action-oriented Personal Marketing Plan that includes specific, ranked targets for your job search. We also provide feedback on your resume and cover letter, and suggest job search techniques appropriate for your targets.

Implementation of the Plan
As you implement your plan, we can provide support in a number of ways:
  Specific strategies to meet goals
  Mock interviews using videotape feedback
  Ongoing support through group sessions







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