We customize each of our programs to meet the needs of our clients, both organizations and individuals.

Programs typically begin with one or more assessments, which provide baseline information to direct the work that follows. This work may include one-on-one coaching, group workshops, development plan creation, career plan guidance and ongoing feedback as appropriate for the program.

Executive Assessment
Our assessment programs are customized based on the specific needs of each organization or individual. 
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Executive Coaching & Leadership Development
We work with mid-level to senior executives to identify and address development areas, as well as to help them leverage their unique strengths and skills for maximum organizational performance. [Read More...]

Communication and Presentation Training 
(For groups and individuals)
One of the most important career skills is the ability to communicate effectively. And yet too often it's taken for granted. We provide you with proven techniques to ensure that your interpersonal communication and presentations have impact, and achieve desired results. [Read More...]

Team-Building and Team Effectiveness
Harnessing the power of team synergy can be difficult in today's environment of continual change. We can help you by identifying and harmonizing the skills and talents of the individual team members to optimize the performance of the team as a whole.  [Read More...]

Career Transition and Job Search Outplacement
Whether you want to jump-start a stalled career, or bounce back from corporate downsizing, we help you develop an actionable plan to market your skills and position yourself for the next opportunity. [Read More...]



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